Friday, 22 June 2012

The Hardmans' First Home

After their honeymoon in 1932, the Hardmans moved into Flat One, 53 Hope Street. Here are a couple of photographs from the collection taken when they lived there.

Barrow Boy Stops for a Light - taken by Edward Chambre Hardman in 1934
This photograph was taken from the second-floor window of the Hardmans' flat in Hope Street. The iron railings belong to the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and these were later removed for scrap for the war effort. This photograph was exhibited in the London Salon of Photography in 1977.

Anglican Cathedral Under Construction - taken by Margaret Hardman 19th April 1934

The note on the back of this print reads: 'Work in progress on the great Central Tower of Liverpool Cathedral - the second largest Cathedral in the world. This photograph was taken today by Mrs E. Chambré Hardman, 53 Hope Street'.

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