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Margaret and Edward's Relationship

Margaret Mills with Studio Camera, Paisley - taken in 1929
In 1929, Margaret moved to Paisley in Scotland to work at Ritchie's Photographic Studio. Throughout 1929, Edward and Margaret write to each other often and it is clear that they are very fond of each other. Margaret's letters tell us of her hobbies and interests - including fishing, golf, opera and dancing. Whilst in Paisley, Margaret joined an amateur operatic group and received rave reviews for her role as the dancer ChiChi in a production of High Jinks. 

Margaret Mills with Studio Lighting, Paisley - taken in 1929

Their letters to each other are somewhat eccentric as they refer to themselves in the third person and give each other the nicknames Pearl (Margaret) and Gobbles (Edward). In a letter to Edward, Margaret wrote:

"Gobbles, Big Sweetheart, when she woke up on Sunday morning, instead of saying "Only a fortnight till Gobbles comes" she said "Only one more Sunday till Pearl sees her Dearest!" and it made it seem lots nearer!"

However in the June of 1929, Margaret writes to Edward telling him that their relationship is over and that she has met someone called James. In the October of that year, she realises that Edward is the " she loves... altogether" and (reluctantly) ends her relationship with James.

In their letters of July 1930, Margaret and Edward contemplate setting up a portrait business together, with Margaret suggesting she could set up "...a special children's studio". Not long after this, in December 1930, Margaret writes to Edward, telling him she has fallen in love with Tony, a gentleman she met at a dance, writing in late December "'s finished, I am marrying Tony".

In reply to this, Edward sends Margaret a telegram, declaring "...I have loved you for over three years". He follows this with a letter to one of Margaret's colleagues, Miss Coll, in January 1931 in which he admits "I've been a fool. I should have married her long ago, but I had no money". The letter is returned to him by Margaret's stepmother, along with her condolences.

For the first months of 1931, Edward writes to Margaret numerous times, begging for her to reply, but in her reply of 25th March 1931, she tells him "...all my love is Tony's". In May, a letter from Edward tells Margaret he is going on a tour to Spain - whilst on this tour, he telegrams her from Barcelona simply saying "...he wants you". As a result of this telegram, Margaret breaks off her engagement to Tony (who, as we have no record of him, may never have actually existed, ahem) and is reunited with Edward.

In a letter to Margaret dated 30th May 1931, Edward writes:

"...I think it is wondeful to think that we are going to be united and he will do his very best to make his Pearl happy forever. Her very own Gobbles"

On 10th August 1932, they are (finally) married, we will post some of their wedding pictures tomorrow.

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