Thursday, 31 May 2012

Edward Chambre Hardman in Provence

A Memory of Avignon - taken in 1928
In the summer of 1928, Chambre Hardman travelled to Provence with his friends Harold and Norma Hinchcliffe-Davies and Fred Jenkins who are pictured above in one of Hardman's most famous photographs - A Memory of Avignon.

Norma Davies - taken in 1928

Harold Hinchcliffe-Davies, Avignon - taken in 1928

Another of his most recognisable works is Old Man with his Memories which was also taken on this trip.

Old Man with his Memories - taken in 1928
Hardman said of the photograph:

"I came across this old man, who seemed to be hundreds of years old, in Martigues a couple of years ago. Realising his pictorial possibilities I succeeded in inducing him to pose for me, and the exposure was made while he sat on a bench in the shade of some trees. A beam of direct sunlight was used to give a backlit effect. His picturesque cloak with its simple flowing lines was a very great help to me... The village where this is taken is... a very sleepy place, and the mosquitoes are bad. The clocks move slowly there. If I ever revisit Martigues and want to make another portrait of the old man, I will go to the same bench under the trees and ask him to pose for me again. I am sure he will be there".

Martigues - taken in 1928
'Martigues', shown above, won first prize in the American Annual of Photography, 1930.

Avignon, Evening Light - taken in 1928

A Street in Arles - taken in 1928

Girl by Fountain, Place Marcou - taken in 1928

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Margaret Hardman's Early Life

Margaret Hardman (née Mills) aged 13, taken 26th February 1923

Ethel Margaret Mills was born in West Derby on 31st March 1909 to Albert and Margaret Mills (née Whalley). They lived at 12 Freehold Street for most of her childhood. Margaret's mother suffered from chronic TB and had to spend prolonged periods at the Cleaver Sanitorium in Heswall, (a hospital built specifically to help people recover from TB or 'consumption'). Her mother passed away when Margaret was just 11 years old, leaving her to look after her father until he re-married in 1924. Albert's second wife was Marie Morris, who had been his first wife's health visitor and they later had a child together - Pauline Alexandra Mills, born in 1928. 

Margaret attended the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls, situated at Blackburne House, Faulkner Street and after matriculating in 1926, she came to work as an assistant at Burrell & Hardman aged just 17. Edward Chambré Hardman was friends with Miss Ashwell, the headteacher of Margaret's school and he asked her whether she had any girls interested in photography who were due to matriculate, who could come and work in his studio as an assistant. Miss Ashwell recommended Margaret for the role and she quickly gained responsibility and trust within the business, to the extent that Hardman left Margaret in charge of the studio in his absence.

In 1927 Edward and Margaret begin to write to each other and although at first their language is very formal, by 1928 there is evidence of a more personal relationship. Hardman gives Margaret the nickname "Tweeka" and they often refer to themselves in the third person - which they continue to do for the rest of their relationship.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

More Scenes from the Playhouse

A selection of other plays Hardman photographed at the Playhouse.

Scenes from 'Alice in Wonderland', which ran from 24th December 1946:

'Alice in Wonderland' - Trial scene, taken in 1946

'Alice in Wonderland' - The Lion and the Unicorn, taken in 1946
'Alice in Wonderland' - The Hatter's Tea Party, taken in 1946

Scenes from 'The Bonesetter of Croeshall Street':

'The Bonesetter of Croeshall Street' - taken 21st April 1951

'The Bonesetter of Croeshall Street' II, taken 21st April 1951

Scenes from 'The Westward Journey' by Eve Morganle, which ran from 6th September 1949:

Portrait of two unknown actors in 'The Westward Journey', taken 22nd September 1949
'The Westward Journey' - stage, taken 22nd September 1949

Unknown Actor and Actress in 'The Westward Journey', taken 22nd September 1949

Scenes from 'The Silver Curlew' by Eleanor Farjeon, which ran from 22nd December 1948:

'The Silver Curlew' - Bathing the Baby, taken in 1949

'The Silver Curlew' - Curlew Flying, taken in 1949

'The Silver Curlew' - Poll coming through the Castle Window, taken in 1949

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scenes from the Playhouse - Shakespeare Plays

Part of Hardman's contract with the Playhouse involved taking photographs of the plays as well as the actors, so here are a few of the Shakespeare productions Hardman photographed at the Playhouse.

Scenes from King Lear:

King Lear Storm Scene (Act 3, Scene 2), taken 5th Feb 1947
King Lear Fight Scene - taken 5th Feb 1947

Abraham Sofaer as King Lear, taken in 1947
Abraham Sofaer was specially engaged to play King Lear in John Fernald's production at the Liverpool Playhouse.

Scenes from Hamlet:

Hamlet - Ghost Scene, taken 17th April 1935

Hamlet - The Queen and Hamlet, taken 17th April 1935

Oriel Ross in Hamlet, taken 17th April 1935

Miss Valerie Tudor as Ophelia, tahen 17th April 1935

Scenes from All's Well that Ends Well:

All's Well that Ends Well, taken 29th March 1951

All's Well that Ends Well II, taken 29th March 1951

Scenes from The Tempest:

Cyril Luckham as Prospero in The Tempest, taken 1st July 1949

The Tempest - Prospero and Miranda, taken 8th June 1949

Scenes from Richard II:

Gerald Cross as Richard II, taken in 1950

Richard II - Cyril Luckham as John of Gaunt, taken in 1950

Sunday, 20 May 2012

More Playhouse Portraits - Gentlemen

Today it's the turn of the Playhouse actors. Again this is just a selection - there are quite a few more in the collection.

Bernard Bennett by Edward Chambré Hardman, taken 14th Feb 1949

Denis Holmes by Edward Chambré Hardman, taken 18th Feb 1949

Eric Lander by Edward Chambré Hardman, undated

Harold Goodwin by Edward Chambré Hardman, taken 6th Aug 1948

John Arnold by Edward Chambré Hardman, undated

Peter Jackson by Edward Chambré Hardman, taken 4th Sep 1946

Robert Donat by Margaret Hardman, taken 31st Aug 1928

William Armstrong by Edward Chambré Hardman, undated

Wyndham Goldie by Edward Chambré Hardman, undated
Ian Crichton by Edward Chambré Hardman, taken 5th Feb 1947

Saturday, 19 May 2012

More Playhouse Portraits - Ladies

We're  posting quite a few of these portraits as we think they're fantastic and they aren't a part of the collection that's often seen or really known about. Today is the turn of the Playhouse actresses and tomorrow we'll post some of the actors.

Ambrosine Phillpotts (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Clara Widdicombe (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Dorothy Reynolds (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Elaine Wodson (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Julia Flaxman, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman,10th March 1947

Sally Latimer, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman, 25th June 1951

Valerie Hanson, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman, 1st August 1948

Marjorie Fielding (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Jenny Nicholson (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Judy Campbell, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman, 1st April 1939

I think these last two are my favourites - they're so glamorous.

The answers for yesterday are:

1. Ivor Novello - taken in 1926
2. Michael Redgrave - taken in 1934
3. Patricia Routledge - taken 21st April 1954
4. Robert Donat - taken in 1928
5. Beryl Bainbridge - taken 25th June 1951