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The Hardmans and World War Two

Lewis Jones Esq. in Battle Dress - taken in November 1939

Edward Chambre Hardman was not conscripted during the Second World War as photography was a reserved occupation, but he did work as an ARP Warden. Business thrived during the war years as Hardman took numerous photographs of service men and women before they went away to war. We have hundreds of these photographs in the archives. Sadly, in many cases, these were the last photographs ever taken of some of the service people. There are also many photographs of the families and sweethearts left behind who would send these on to their loved ones fighting abroad. 

Another contributing factor to the high demand for studio photography was the fact that supplies were incredibly difficult for amateur photographers to acquire. It was a struggle to maintain normal service at the studios, even with photography being a reserved occupation - at one point the water supply to the Bold Street studio was cut off and staff had to grab buckets and queue up to get enough water for the processing.

To keep up with the increasing workload, the Hardmans employed more staff, taking the total number of employees up to about fifteen. As a result of the studios being so busy, the Hardmans had much less time to travel and take landscapes during the war years.

Here are just some of the photographs of Service People taken during WWII - they are shown roughly in the order they were taken and we have provided extra information such as addresses where we have it. These photographs were all taken in 1939:

Captain F. D. Agnew - taken September 1939. 

 First order placed from Caldy Grange School, West Kirbyon 28th November 1939 for 1 small gold portrait and 1 leather case. Reorderd by Mrs Agnew of Thornthwaite, Spital Park, Bromborough on 1st December 1939 for 10 prints altogether, including two in a leather case. A third order was placed on 18th January 1943 for 1 miniature portrait.

Captain T. Stone - taken September 1939  
 Captain T. Stone of 140 Liverpool Road, Chester. Order placed 6th October 1939 for 1 large gold portrait and 12 prints.

Major F. V. R. Woodhouse - taken September 1939
 Major F. V. R. Woodhouse, of the Leasowes, Church Stretten, Shropshire, in full military uniform.
Order placed on 19th September 1939 for 7 prints. Reorder placed on 23rd November 1939 for 1 print. Reorder placed on 7th January 1946 for 1 print. 

Major Ian Begg - taken September 1939

Lt. C. R. Harrison Esq. - taken 28th September 1939

 Lt. C. R. Harrison Esq. dressed in military uniform with Caubeen Field Service Cap. Order placed for 1 Large Gold Portrait. 

Captain Bell - taken in October 1939
 Captain Bell of the 6th Irish Battalion, Kings Regiment, Drill Hall, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. He is wearing a Glengarry Field Service Cap. An order was placed on 16th July 1940 for three large gold portraits, framed. 

A. D. Miller Esq. - taken October 1939
A. D. Miller Esq. of Olive Bank, Menlove Gardens South, Liverpool, wearing Highland Military Uniform. Order placed 15th November 1939 for 1 small gold portrait, 2 prints and 1 frame.

Second Lieutenant H. K. Mathews - taken November 1939

Second Lieutenant Robin E. D. Campbell - taken November 1939
 2nd Lieutenant Robin E. D. Campbell order placed c/o Mrs Leverson, 60 Albert Court, London. First order placed on 25th May 1940 for 1 Large Gold Portrait.

Surgeon Lieutenant Critien - taken November 1939
Surgeon Lieutenant Critien of 28 Mayfair Avenue, Crosby, also HMS Nubian 4th Tribal Destroyer Flotilla. Order placed on 2nd November 1939 for 2 large gold portraits framed, 4 small gold portraits, 2 miniature portraits and 1 leather case. Reorder placed on 28th November 1939 for 4 miniature portraits and 1 leather case. Reorder placed 25th September 1940 for 4 miniature portraits. Reorder placed on 15th December 1942 for 2 small gold portraits.

M. E. S. Higgin Esq. - taken 9th December 1939
 M. E. S. Higgin Esq. of Puddington Hall, Wirral. Order placed on 4th January 1940 for 1 Large Gold Portrait Framed, 3 Special Small Gold Portrait Framed and 3 Miniature Portraits. Second order placed on 7th February 1940 for 1 Small Gold Portrait and Leather Frame with Regimental Badges.

Major Rougier - taken December 1939
Order placed 8th July 1940 by Mrs Rougier for 2 photographs. 

Matthew Lees Esq. - taken December 1939
 Mathew Lees Esq of The Old Hall, Flookerbrook, Chester. First order placed on 3rd February 1940 for 2 Large Gold Portraits, 1 Special Small Gold Portraits and 1 Special Size ( Large Miniature Portrait) Second order placed on 13th March 1940 for 2 Special Small Gold Portrait and 1 Special Size ( Large Miniature Portrait) and 1 leather case.

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