Sunday, 1 July 2012

World War Two - Portraits from 1940

Here are some more portraits of Service People taken during the Second World War - these were all taken in 1940. They are roughly in date order and we have given extra information where we have it.

Captain J. P. Fairclough - January 1940

Second Lieutenant Porter - taken either January or February 1940
 2nd Lieutenant Porter of the Lancashire Fusiliers in full uniform.

Second Lieutenant K. S. Terry - taken February 1940
 Second Lieutenant K. S. Terry in full army uniform with the cap badge of the Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales).

Lieutenant F. O'Neill - taken February 1940
 Lieutenant F. O'Neil in full Naval dress uniform. His sleeve insignia shows that he was part of the Electrical Branch.

C. K. Mathew Esq. - taken February 1940

Second Lieutenant Proctor - February 1940

J. H. S. Martin Esq. - taken March 1940

A. E. L. Boxer - taken April 1940

Lieutenant Marrack - taken April 1940
 Lieutenant Marrack in full uniform holding a cigarette. His cap badge indicates that he was in the artillery section.

Lieutenant Faning - taken May 1940

Captain D. R. Richardson - taken July 1940

Captain Mancroft - July 1940

Chief Petty Officer F. Dawson - July 1940

Second Lieutenant J. K. Evans - August 1940
2nd Lieutenant J. K. Evans of 19 Curzon Park, Chester, wearing full military uniform with field service cap. Order placed on 17th September 1940 for 2 small gold portraits and 3 miniature portraits. Order placed on 3rd October 1940 for 3 special small gold portraits and 3 miniature portraits. Order placed on 28th December 1940 for 2 special small gold portraits. 

Captain A. G. McPherson - taken August 1940

Major J. F. Colvin - taken August 1940

Mrs Charney's Son - taken August 1940

Miss A. S. O. Campani WAF - taken 15th October 1940
Miss Campani, dressed in Women's Air Force uniform. Address listed as RAF, Hooton Park, Cheshire. Order placed on 28th January 1941 for 2 Special Small Gold Portraits. Second order placed on 11th September 1941 for 2 Prints.

Miss J. Ward - taken October 1940

Mrs Harvey - taken October 1940

Pilot Officer Ayer - taken October 1940

Captain R. Lyon - taken 9th December 1940

M. W. Shand - taken December 1940

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