Wednesday, 4 July 2012

World War Two - Portraits from 1941

Here are some portraits of Service People taken at the Burrell & Hardman studios during the Second World War. They were all taken in 1941:

Pilot Officer Edward Nicholson - taken January 1941
PO Edward Nicholson of Druids Lodge, Tenryles Road, Hoylake, wearing full RAF uniform with great coat. Order placed on 15th November 1941 for 3 special small gold portraits. Order placed on 23rd March 1942 for 2 special small gold portraits. Order placed on 25th March 1946 to supply new glasss and re-framing. 

Colonel Simons - taken February 1941
Colonel Simons of Burrescroft, Curzon Park, Chester, in Army Uniform with Field Service Cap. First order placed on 28th March 1941 for 2 Small Gold Portraits Framed. Second order placed on 12th April 1943 for 2 Prints. Third order placed on 13th September 1943 for 2 Prints.

Captain Emlyn Jones - taken February 1941

Miss M. F. Wood, WAAF, RAF Sealand - taken April 1941
 Miss M. F. Wood, dressed in RAF uniform, Order placed on 26th April 1941 for 1 Large Gold Potrait, 1 Special Small Gold Portrait and 4 Minature Portraits.

Mrs Law - taken June 1941

Mrs Law of Greenbank House, Greenbank Lane, Liverpool, wearing Naval Uniform. Order placed on 3rd July 1941 for 1 special small gold portrait framed, 2 special small gold portraits, 3 miniature portraits and 1 leather wallet. 

Second Lieutenant R. A. Neter, RWF - taken August 1941
Second Lieutenant R. A. Neters, R. W. Fusiliers, dressed in military uniform. Order placed on 21st November 1941 for 1 small gold portrait and 1 special small gold portrait. Order placed on 4th May 1942 for 1 special size miniature portrait. Order placed on 7th July 1942 for 1 miniature portrait. 

Captain Thomas Panas and Miss A. Langdon - taken November 1941
 Captain Thomas Panas & Miss A. Langdon of 10 Cardwell Road, Garston. Order placed on 2nd December 1941 for 2 small gold portraits.

Mrs Saunders ATS - taken December 1941

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