Thursday, 5 July 2012

World War Two - Portraits from 1942

More portraits of WWII service people - these photographs were all taken in 1942:

Captain Bowen Wright - taken January 1942
Captain Bowen Wright in full army uniform, his cap badge indicates that he was in the Medical Corps.

Lieutenant Tandevin - taken April 1942

Miss M. Ramsbottom - taken August 1942

Professor Blacklock - taken August 1942
 Professor Blacklock in Naval Uniform, he was later the Professor of Tropical Hygiene at Liverpool University, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 

Captain E. K. King - taken November 1942

F. H. Reddicliffe RAF - taken November 1942
Sergeant F. H. Reddicliffe, wearing full RAF uniform with Field Service Cap and Observers' Half Brevet on his jacket.

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