Friday, 6 July 2012

World War Two - Portraits from 1943

Portraits of Service People taken during the Second World War, these photographs were all taken in 1943:

First Lieutenant C. D. Hopkins US Army - taken January 1943
 First Lieutenant C. D. Hopkins in full United States Army Uniform., with lapel badges showing that he was part of the Engineer Corps.

Miss D. Moody WRNS - taken 3rd March 1943
 Miss D. Moody of the Women's Royal Naval Service of 2 Kingdale Avenue, Caxton, Birkenhead , in full Naval Uniform. An order was placed on 18th March 1943 for two small gold portraits and ten miniature portraits. 

Miss P. Ackers WLA - taken 30th March 1943
 Miss P. Ackers, of the Women's Land Army in full uniform. An order was placed by Miss P. Ackers of Rhual, Mold, on 27th April 1943 for 10 prints. 

Lieutenant W. Bryce R. N. R. - taken April 1943

Mrs G. Carter - taken 13th April 1943
 Mrs Guy Carter in military uniform, of the Military Hospital, Liverpool Road, Chester. An order was placed on 19th May 1943 for 16 prints, including two tokens to be send abroad.

Major Stone's Army Group - taken 17th April 1943
 An order was placed on 17th May 1943 for thirty four photographs by A. D. Claims, 88 Watergate Street, Chester.

Miss J. De Bevere - taken 9th August 1943
Miss J. De-Bevere of 10 Linnet Lane, Liverpool 17, wearing military uniform with the Red Cross symbol sewn onto her sleeve, and a field service cap. An order was placed on 19th August 1943 for 10 miniature portraits and 12 passport photographs. A note on the customer card says of the passport photographs, 'wanted soon as possible, must show Belgium and red Cross on Sleeve'.

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