Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hardman's time in India

Army Officers c.1918
Hardman is in the back row, third on the right and Captain Kenneth Burrell is on the back row, fourth from the left.

Edward Chambre Hardman attended St Columba's College between 1910-1916. In 1917, the year his father died, Hardman followed family tradition by serving in the Army in India. Having taken his Sandhurst examinations at Wellington Cadet College in South India, Hardman gained a commission as a regular officer in the 2nd Battalion of . Whilst there he took a number of soft-focus landscape photographs using his Kodak Number 3 Special Camera and then processing the film in the camp bathroom! Some of the photographs he developed and sent home to his mother and sisters, but many weren't developed until his return to England.

In 1919, Hardman took part in the Third Anglo-Afghan War and was promoted to Lieutenant.

It was during his time in India that Hardman met fellow officer Captain Kenneth Burrell. The two shared a love of photography and it was decided that they would set up in business together on their return to england.

Two Ghurkha Soldiers, taken sometime between 1918-1922

Orderly in Banghet, India - taken in 1922. On the reverse of this photograph, Hardman has written, 'My Orderly at Banghet'

Army Tents, India - taken in 1918. The reverse of the photograph gives the location as 'Nassin Bagh Srinagar'

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