Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Captain Kenneth Burrell

Portrait of Captain Kenneth Burrell, Taken by Edward Chambré Hardman whilst they served together in India, sometime between 1917-1922
Kenneth Burrell was born in Liverpool on 20th December 1893 to John Hearne Burrell & Getrude Burrell (née Bowen). He was educated at Clifton Public School in Cardiff and joined the army in 1914 aged 21 - serving in the 10th Scottish and Kings Liverpool Regiment and 4th Cheshire Regiment. Burrell fought in France in the First World War before transferring to India, where he was made Captain in 1920 and met Edward Chambré Hardman. They shared a love of photography and struck up a firm friendship. They decided to set up a photography studio together and in December 1922 resigned their commissions under the terms of the April 22nd Royal Warrant to set up a Photographic Studio in Liverpool.

Captain Kenneth Burrell & Horse, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman between 1918-1922

Liverpool was chosen as it was Burrell's home town and he had many contacts there. "Burrell & Hardman" was situated in 51a Bold Street and opened for business in March 1923. Burrell was a silent partner but his contacts and financial backing were invaluable in helping establish "Burrell & Hardman" as the place to be photographed and ensuring the success of the business. Burrell also provided the studio with some of it's furnishings such as beautiful Persian rugs.

Kenneth Burrell and Leopard - taken by Edward Chambré Hardman between 1917-1922
In 1929, Burrell left both the business and Liverpool to become a stockbroker in London, however the name of the business remained "Burrell & Hardman". He married Phyllis Baker in 1936 and had a son, John Baker Burrell. He later became the Secretary of  Royal County Down Golf Club, Newcastle, Co. Down, and kept in touch with Hardman over the years until his death. 

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