Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scenes from the Playhouse - Shakespeare Plays

Part of Hardman's contract with the Playhouse involved taking photographs of the plays as well as the actors, so here are a few of the Shakespeare productions Hardman photographed at the Playhouse.

Scenes from King Lear:

King Lear Storm Scene (Act 3, Scene 2), taken 5th Feb 1947
King Lear Fight Scene - taken 5th Feb 1947

Abraham Sofaer as King Lear, taken in 1947
Abraham Sofaer was specially engaged to play King Lear in John Fernald's production at the Liverpool Playhouse.

Scenes from Hamlet:

Hamlet - Ghost Scene, taken 17th April 1935

Hamlet - The Queen and Hamlet, taken 17th April 1935

Oriel Ross in Hamlet, taken 17th April 1935

Miss Valerie Tudor as Ophelia, tahen 17th April 1935

Scenes from All's Well that Ends Well:

All's Well that Ends Well, taken 29th March 1951

All's Well that Ends Well II, taken 29th March 1951

Scenes from The Tempest:

Cyril Luckham as Prospero in The Tempest, taken 1st July 1949

The Tempest - Prospero and Miranda, taken 8th June 1949

Scenes from Richard II:

Gerald Cross as Richard II, taken in 1950

Richard II - Cyril Luckham as John of Gaunt, taken in 1950

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