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Edward Chambre Hardman in Provence

A Memory of Avignon - taken in 1928
In the summer of 1928, Chambre Hardman travelled to Provence with his friends Harold and Norma Hinchcliffe-Davies and Fred Jenkins who are pictured above in one of Hardman's most famous photographs - A Memory of Avignon.

Norma Davies - taken in 1928

Harold Hinchcliffe-Davies, Avignon - taken in 1928

Another of his most recognisable works is Old Man with his Memories which was also taken on this trip.

Old Man with his Memories - taken in 1928
Hardman said of the photograph:

"I came across this old man, who seemed to be hundreds of years old, in Martigues a couple of years ago. Realising his pictorial possibilities I succeeded in inducing him to pose for me, and the exposure was made while he sat on a bench in the shade of some trees. A beam of direct sunlight was used to give a backlit effect. His picturesque cloak with its simple flowing lines was a very great help to me... The village where this is taken is... a very sleepy place, and the mosquitoes are bad. The clocks move slowly there. If I ever revisit Martigues and want to make another portrait of the old man, I will go to the same bench under the trees and ask him to pose for me again. I am sure he will be there".

Martigues - taken in 1928
'Martigues', shown above, won first prize in the American Annual of Photography, 1930.

Avignon, Evening Light - taken in 1928

A Street in Arles - taken in 1928

Girl by Fountain, Place Marcou - taken in 1928

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