Monday, 7 May 2012

Welcome to our New Blog

Edward & Margaret Hardman on their Wedding Day - 10th August 1932

Hello and welcome to the Hardmans' House blog.

The Hardmans' House is situated at 59 Rodney Street in Liverpool and is a National Trust property. 59 Rodney Street is the former home and photographic studio of Edward Chambre Hardman and his wife Margaret who moved here in 1948. They were hoarders by nature - keeping everything and changing nothing. When the house passed to the National Trust not only did we become the caretakers of the house itself and all its myriad contents, we also gained the Hardmans' life work of around 140,000 photographs including portraits from their studio and the photographs they took in their personal time. The house is arranged as it was when they lived and worked here in the 1950s.

We're starting this blog to provide more information on the lives and work of Edward and Margaret Hardman and to give insight into the life of the house now as a National Trust property. We want to share our knowledge about this wonderful house and home and for this blog to be a growing resource for all things Hardman-related. So if you have any information, memories or stories relating to the Hardmans or the house, please feel free to leave a comment or you can email us at and we'll upload the best stuff to the blog.

We'll be back tomorrow to start telling the story of Edward Chambre Hardman.

Thank you!

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