Saturday, 19 May 2012

More Playhouse Portraits - Ladies

We're  posting quite a few of these portraits as we think they're fantastic and they aren't a part of the collection that's often seen or really known about. Today is the turn of the Playhouse actresses and tomorrow we'll post some of the actors.

Ambrosine Phillpotts (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Clara Widdicombe (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Dorothy Reynolds (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Elaine Wodson (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Julia Flaxman, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman,10th March 1947

Sally Latimer, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman, 25th June 1951

Valerie Hanson, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman, 1st August 1948

Marjorie Fielding (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Jenny Nicholson (undated) by Edward Chambré Hardman

Judy Campbell, taken by Edward Chambré Hardman, 1st April 1939

I think these last two are my favourites - they're so glamorous.

The answers for yesterday are:

1. Ivor Novello - taken in 1926
2. Michael Redgrave - taken in 1934
3. Patricia Routledge - taken 21st April 1954
4. Robert Donat - taken in 1928
5. Beryl Bainbridge - taken 25th June 1951

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