Friday, 11 May 2012

Hardman's time in India - Scenes of Village Life

Here is a selection of photographs of village life in India Hardman took whilst serving in the 8th Ghurkha Rifles (1917-1922)

Pandikkad, Kerala, South India - taken in 1921.
Hardman's notes tell us: "What appears at first sight to be the performance of some mystic rite is really the serving of cups of tea to the two Moplah customers on the left."

Village in Kerala - taken in 1921

Scene in an Indian Village, 1922.
This print was made on Hardman's return to England and has been heavily re-touched with cochineal 

Near Ujhani, India - taken in 1921

Villager Picking Rice - taken between 1917-1922. On the reverse of the print Hardman has written; 'In the image a villager is in a rice field and picking some and putting it into a basket. In the background there are Indian mountains'.

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