Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Edward Chambre Hardman's Early Life

Edward Chambre Hardman aged 8 (1906)
 Edward Fitzmaurice Chambré Hardman was born on 25th November 1898 in Foxrock, County Dublin to Edward Chambré Hardman (1860-1917) and Gertrude Elizabeth Hardman (née Davies). He was the second of three children, having both one older and one younger sister. His father worked as a Land Agent for the estates of Blacker-Douglas and Pierce O'Mahoney and was also a keen photographer. A young Edward was allowed to use his father's quarter-plate mahogany and brass stand camera to take photographs. He would process the glass plate negatives in the wine cellar and then make contact prints in the apple loft. By the age of fourteen, he had entered and won several photographic competitions in magazines, including Amateur Photographer and Photographer and Focus.

Sunshine, taken by Edward Chambre Hardman
 Sunshine is one of the only surviving examples of Hardman's early work, all we know about this photograph is that it was taken sometime prior to 1917, before Hardman joined the Ghurkhas.

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